Day 3 and Day 4 (Giving Up School - A Lenten Adventure)

Well... my lists are getting smaller.

Not because my boys are not learning anything! Quite the opposite... And I am too much involved now to worry about lists. :)

Check out this conversation between my 4 year old and my 8 year old while casually playing minecraft together yesterday, day 3:

4 y/o -"What is.... 2+2 anyway?"
8 y/o - "4... obviously"
4 y/o - "Well then, what's 4+4?"
8 y/o - "8"
4 y/o - "What's 8+8?"
8 y/o - "It's um... 17 I think? No... no.. it's 16. Yeah, 16"
4 y/o - "What's 16+16?"
8 y/o - "No idea! MOM!!! (to me like I'm miles away but only on the other side of the room...) What's 16 + 16?"

I told him... without making him work for it... without making him understand it... I just told him, "32"

So then he says to me... "How did you know that?"

So I told him that I had added it up in my head. That I knew because I know what 6+6 is and what 10+10 is. :)

So he thinks for moments and then says... "So then does 32+32=64?"

:) Yes son, yes it does!

Math... oh dreaded math! One of the main reasons I have not leapt full on into radical unschooling. Because my children need to be taught math right? And math can only be taught to someone! One could never figure out math on their own! Memorization! What about memorization!?!

God!! Don't I need to teach them math!?

Isn't it neat what he did there with my kids chit chatting math all on their own? Isn't it neat that this is one of my main stressors and hang ups in the way of what He wants me to do here with unschooling and He would show me just on my third day that it's ok. They will know what they need to know. They are capable of not only figuring out math... but liking it enough to casually talk about it.

I could slap myself in the forehead... if you knew the HOURS I have put into trying to teach math to my older son only to be met with no real world application what so ever! Worksheets and math counters to not a problem-solver make...

And if I may go this far... aren't I questioning God's ability a bit to think my kids could never learn math on their own if it was something HE wanted them to do? Sure, I  may play a part in it! But any part I try to play that He hasn't first asked me to do... is going to be in vain.

Big stuff...

Day four was just plain awesome! We went to a Rock expo today at one of the nature centers down here and because of the interests my older son has in the way of geology he really had a blast! It just so happens that we were recently talking about flint and it's uses because of how he uses it in mincraft and he got to physically watch someone making arrowheads with flint today. It was AWESOME. He also asked me some questions again this morning about salt after a conversation we had yesterday about salt water and which waters have salt in them, density, and all kinds of stuff. This morning we talked about how salt is mineral and mined and what do you know? There was a big ol' chunk of salt at this expo that he could touch and smell! :) Talk about making connections with information?? It couldn't get any better than today!! HA!

Or can it?

Oh, I can't wait to find out! I am learning that God really is in charge and His plan is way better than mine for sure! Who else could have mapped out the connections that were made today for my older son! There's no lesson plan in the world that would have captured him like today did!

Anyhoo... on to day 5 tomorrow! And after that 35 more to go!

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