Giving Up School - A Lenten Adventure

I haven't blogged... or facebooked on the Lakeside Schoolhouse accounts for quite some time. Truth be told.. I have lost my motivation.

Because, you see, I don't even know what I am doing with our homeschool!! How can I be blogging and writing about it when I'm not confident in it? I mean, look at this blog! It has no center! It has no order! No theme... Just like our homeschool.

God's not involved in our homeschool right now. I have been trying hard to control it myself. Figure it out myself. Curriculum anxiety fills my head and I am drowning. I can't DO THIS! LOL!

I understand the principles of Unschooling - But literally - I have never applied them!!

I am in a very personal revival with God in my life right now as he helps me clear up some emotional issues and mend relationships. He's helping me to learn to live a little more stress-free and so it only makes sense that He would extend me help in this area as well.

Today is Ash Wednesday... and I found a blank composition notebook lying around. In it I have been writing down all the things my kids were doing today. And by golly!! They are learning! They hardly even needed my help today! Except to look something up here or hold a ruler there.

I had no idea.... 

So I was thinking about Lent and what to give up when God said to me, SCHOOL.

Give up SCHOOL...? 

Ok! I can do this! I can do this for Lent!

So I'm gonna use this blog as a diary of sorts because it's here and because maybe it will be interesting to see the process we go through! :) Join us if you'd like!

If you are new to unschooling and you're reading this, let me know! I'd love to connect with you!

If you are a veteran unschooler and have a blog post or link to something I could read that would help me along please post it below! I will read every single one! :)


Day One
Day Two 
DAY Three & Four

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