Day Two (Giving Up School - A Lenten Adventure)

Well today wasn't as... obviously filled with "educational" things. Today we kinda just lived a day. It was nice!

Our morning was quiet and filled with minecraft and lounging. Then in the afternoon we went to visit our favorite buddies. The kids got to romp around and I got some time with my friend. <3 

One thing I will mention is that it didn't take very long for the enemy to try and use a situation to tempt me away from this adventure! I am in love with BOOKS and the Charlotte Mason's method - all it takes is a glance over at my "about me" section on the right column of this blog to know that! ;) So anyway... I'm chatting with my lovely friend who is also a bibliophile like me and she is showing me all the new CM stuff she has and books she has and I got that little twinge that usually sends me into a spiral of questioning what we are doing and if I'm doing what I should with the kids and could we add more of this to our day and should I be teaching them this and blah blah blah blah... my brain doesn't stop until I have a new plan formulated full of my ideas - not God's - on what my kid should be doing... 

Because you see... I will make these decisions without consulting Him at all! Because I LOVE the CM method. But is it what's best for my kids? I don't know... Only God does! 

So we continue on... to day three tomorrow! I only had about a half of a page of notes from today. But they were good ones! We used the dictionary and chatted about what an interlude is during a song. My small son brought a book with him to dinner tonight and I thought that was pretty neat! :) 

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