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As homeschool families, we love to keep records don't we? Notebooking, lapbooking, scrapbooking... you name it - we 'book' it! :) Well I have some records of my own I'd like to keep, just for me, and this blog serves that purpose.

You see, while figuring out how to homeschool my children... I discovered some pretty big gaps in my own education. And while we all have them, I want to try and fill them. But I don't want to fill the gaps I'm "supposed" to have filled... I want to fill my OWN gaps. The gaps I never GOT to fill during my childhood education. The gaps... the VOIDS of knowledge I have. --They need filled.

I unschool my children. (NOT my plan... God's plan which I protest all the time!) But I love the Charlotte Mason method of education. It's so beautiful. And while I take a lot of influence from her method into the feasts of ideas I lay before my children... There is no way they would fit the mold of CM alone.

So.. I decided to CM myself. Yep. My kids can join me if they want to, but this isn't about them. It's about me. What I need. My hope is that my enthusiasm for the things I learn will trickle into their individual worlds and peek their interest some along the way. But in my house I am just another homeschool student pursuing an education I am desperate for. Letting God shape and mold my knowledge box and fuel my love for learning. <3

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