Seasonal Nature Table

Our Nature Table

One way I am trying to involve my children in nature study is with this awesome nature table I created in the corner of our sunroom.

Although we unschool, we do have a school room. My kids and I like to have a designated place of engagement. Think of it like your husband's man cave or your craft room... This is where we keep all the things that inspire our creativity! 

Anyway.. This table was on my neighbor's lawn one day in her giveaway pile so I snagged it! I folded up a cheap, white shower cutain and stapled it over the top. The kids pained fall colors on it and we picked out some store bought decorations for fun.

Throughout the fall we will be collecting things from outside and placing them on the  table. Sticks, rocks, and lots of accorns adorn table as of now and the space is proving to be quite awesome and engaging for the whole family! My sons are really loving finding things all over the place to save and bring home! 

Do you have a nature table? Or somewhere you or your children display your findings from the out of doors? What do you keep there? 

Share with me!! I'd love to see!! 

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  1. i love keeping a nature stash! ours changes from a centerpiece, to a tray, to a box, to right now we're accumulating insect carcasses and seedpods and such in our fishbowl. :) it doesn't get TONS of attention, but occasionally, the mood is struck and we go back and look at it all again. :)

    thanks for sharing with {nsm!}, i hope you come back again and again!

    amy in peru


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