Life of John: A Walk in the Woods

This story is brought to you today by my Sweet Son who likes to sit with me and tell me stories.  He decided he would like to tell you stories as well on my new blog. I am thrilled! So without further adieu... 

Life of John
A Walk in the Woods

One day John was walking in the woods and he saw an owl. The owl flew over a tall, tall tree and he landed on a branch. He was so comfortable on the branch. He went to sleep. 

John kept on walking. He saw a little gopher. The gopher was fast! He climbed on John and he licked him! The gopher was so happy to be with John. He stayed with John for the rest of his walk. 

Soon they went jogging. Next they saw a wolf. The wolf chased them all around the woods. The wolf would not stop! The gopher and John were so tired and the wolf kept running towards them. John didn't know that the wolf was a nice wolf so they rested for 10 seconds then they kept running. Soon the wolf got tired and he stopped. 

John and the gopher stopped right next to a tree and the owl was in THAT tree and he flew down on John's arm and John gave him a little birdie to eat. (Owls eat other birds sometimes) And John also gave the gopher a carrot to eat. 

Next they saw a little white baby deer. The deer was so nice! John named him Snowy. He was so white, he was as white as the clouds. He was as white as a star. So he changed his name to Star Light Star Bright. Then after John named the little white deer, Star Light Star Bright, they finally got to the end of the woods. 

The End. 

for now... :) 

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