Boolicious Batty Bean Bag Toss

Homemade Bean Bag Toss Game for Halloween Party!!

I call this contraption the "Boolicious Batty Bean Bag Toss"

My son is turning 4 next week and this weekend is his birthday party! He special requested a Halloween Themed Birthday! More specifically... he wants everything to be bats!

So I made this for him! I thought I would share it with you in case you want to make on too. It wasn't super hard and he is thrilled about it.

For the bean bags, you will need:

-Beans or rice
-A few old socks (I used six)
-A glue gun (you could sew these I suppose... but I don't sew lol)
-Some scissors for cutting the socks.

And that's it!! :)

Step 1) Throw a couple scoops of beans into your socks... fill to your preferred size. I used 3/4 cup of beans. They're just heavy enough but also light and easy to throw.

Step 2) After the beans are in the socks... cut the top of the sock off to about a 1 1/2- 2 inches above the layer of beans.

Step 3) Fold the left over sock inward and glue together. :)


For the Bat Game Box, you will need:

-One large box (My box came from two boxes taped together when we were moving-it was used to hold pictures) Any tall box will do. You could also tape two or three boxes on top of each other depending on how tall you want your game to be!
-A sharp knife or pare of scissors to cut (I used my husband's pocket knife)
-A pencil to draw your design with
-Paint (I used regular old Crayola washable paint)

Step 1) Assemble your boxes if you have more than one.

Step 2) use a pencil to draw your design on there. For bats it's pretty simple (That's why I picked up) just a big circle and some wings... make SURE if you are having the children throw bean bags into the mouths that you place the bean bags actually on the box while you are drawing to make sure the holes they are going to go through are big enough! :)

Step 3) Cut your holes out with scissors or a knife

Step 4) Paint and let dry!!

If you make one of these please please link back on the bottom of the blog so the rest of us can check out your creativity!! I don't care if it's better than mine........


Happy Halloween!!! 

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