Mom... My love tank is low...

As an adult I find that I am often times completely crippled when it comes to expressing my need for physical attention and/or love in relationships. Which is a strange thing because it's something we all  NEED to be healthy and feel whole!

As humans, we were made to love and be loved. But the world is cruel and if we let it... it can rob us of our most basic instinct. And when we don't understand our own needs in relationships, it's very likely that we wont be meeting anyone else's need either. 

My kids and I do this thing... we call it "filling the love tank!" :)  It started because one day I was reading a random blog post  somewhere on the internet about silly ways to connect with your children and one of  the post's suggestions was to tell your kids that their "tickle tank" was looking a little low and they needed to be tickled until it was full. I tried it... it felt weird and forced so I didn't do it again.

But later one of my kids said to me... "Mom, my love tank is low..." and I was like "Huh?"

So I pulled my little kid up into my arms for some TLC and the concept of asking for love and care in my family was born.

This is my small son, posing as a "sad kid" :) Totally posing!! 
This morning my son was eating his eggs. He takes for ever to eat and is often left at the table long after everyone else is gone. So I said from across the room, "Make sure you are eating over there!" and he replied... "Mom, my love tank is draining..."
It caused me to stop and look at what was going on... he was alone at the table and probably feeling a bit, well, lonely! So I called him over and we hugged and snuggled for a few minutes and I gave him some kisses. I didn't let him go until he was ready and he went about his way eating his breakfast!

This practice has helped me to be more vocal about my need for care and affection in all my relationships. We must remember, it is not weird for us to need and want to be loved! It is not a bad thing to have to ask for it either... When we can be honest and vocal about our needs in relationships I think we find they grow stronger.

I am hoping that this "love tank" business in my home helps my boys to be more vocal about their needs in relationships throughout their lives! For now... it helps us to touch base and connect with one another where we might not always remember. It keeps us

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