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My Sweet Son, John was sitting next to me one evening while I was designing this blog and said he wanted to blog too. He wanted to write a story! For my readers! (son... I don't even have any yet! lol)

So I opened a New Post page and began typing as he told me a story. It was the longest story he's ever told. :) There was a fire in his little heart. <3 I typed as he talked (lucky I have a transcribing background... because he talked fast!) and as he told me his story, I knew this was the beginning of an adventure for him.  So I went with it all the way!

We ended up printing his story out. He drew a picture for it. Then he created a title page. He went all out! And we stapled his pages together and that's when he told me there would be more chapters! :)

So stay tuned! I will post all the chapters of his adventure story here. And if you have a blog and a kid (or two or more!) who loves to story tell.. please share any posts with us here so we can read them too!

P.S. The name "Life of John" comes from his love of the Life of Fred math books. You know the ones! The ones that bring math and reading and imagination and creativity to life in the hands of anyone who reads them. We love Fred now in our house because reading Fred ultimately changed the ball game for my son John and sparked a love for learning inside that has been leading us all over the place! This little nugget of creative exploration, writing stories, is one of them. :)

P.P.S. Dr. Stanley F. Schmidt, if you ever come across our family homeschool blog and have an issue with this *Life of John* stuff... please please please let us know!! We would hate to have any kind of beef with you... since you are currently my son's favorite author!! My e-mail address is! Please e-mail me right away! TY!

Life of John Chapters: 

1)Life of John: A Walk in the Woods
2)Life of John: John and Jason Walk to the Fire Station


Link up with John!! 

Do you have a kiddo who loves to tell stories?? Do you have a blog?? Submit a story in the linky below! John will be able to read your child's story and he's excited to know that your child will be reading his too! Have more than one story? Link them all!! So that all the kids who are telling stories can find each other and read them all! :) These stories below can be about anything and everything. No Theme here but be tuned in and check my blog and facebook page often because I will be hosting themed story carnivals for these kids!! Which I will also link in here! :) 


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