Life of John: John and Jason Walk to the Fire Station

This story is brought to you today by my Sweet Son who likes to sit with me and tell me stories.  He decided he would like to tell you stories as well on my new blog. I am thrilled! So without further adieu... 

The pictures in this story and the inspiration behind the story came to you today after a super awesome field trip we took the the fire house this week! 

Life of John

John and Jason Walk to the Fire Station 

Last time we saw John he was at the end of the woods. He had reached the end of the woods. He was going to visit the city to see his brother Jason. And he was bringing his new pets, the owl, the gopher, and the deer. John said, "We finally got to the city pets! Now it's time to go see Jason." Jason was so happy that John came to visit him so they could walk together to the fire station. Jason and John went to the fire station and the pets stayed at Jason's house. The fire station was filled with firemen. Soon the alarm went off "Reeeerrrr Reeeerrrrrrr!!!" The firemen got in their truck. 

Jason and John snuck in the fire truck to go with them. They were at the fire. The fire was big! The fire was scary! Jason hid but John was fearless. John went to get a hose. Jason got out from his hiding spot and got a hose too. They both put out the fire with the firemen. The fire was soon gone! No more fire!

 Then the workers came and they had to rebuild the whole house! The workers finally built the whole house. Then John and Jason went home together and they were singing about the fire station. 

The End. 

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