Homeschooling is: Freedom

Something I learn every single day with my boys about homeschooling is that freedom has many characteristics. Freedom is a beautiful word... full of exploration and discovery. Freedom means ability. Freedom means choice. And freedom means gain.

Freedom means having the ability to be with my children all day long... as much as I want and not being weird for wanting that. Having the ability to know them better than I ever could if we weren't together as much as we are. They have the ability to see me for what I am... just a person. A person just as they are who will fail and get back up again. I am not hidden from them in the business of days gone by. They know me right now. And we will always be closer because of this freedom.

Freedom means choice. WE get to choose what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. If we don't like something we can choose to change it. We can choose our daily lives for ourselves... set our own schedule. And in the bigger picture... my kiddos have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to CHOOSE their destinies for themselves in the safe environment of their loving family. They have the Freedom to follow God's plan for their lives and listen to His influence more so than outside sources. Their hearts have the Freedom to be shaped more so by the Holy Spirit than the world. 

Freedom means that I gain... daily. I gain so much being with my kids everyday. Sure it's a tough job. And we all have those days where we're like, "what was I thinking?!?" :) But the amount of blessing I gain far outweigh those stressful days. Freedom also means that my children gain... they gain knowledge. The true kind. The kind they sought to learn. They kind that will stick. The kind that will take them places... oh how wonderful it is to think about how much THEY gain by being homeschooled.

With Freedom come responsibility though. It is important to me that the Freedoms my family has in homeschooling be used responsibly and the best way I know how to do that is by consulting God every step of the way. <3 I am so glad I have the Freedom to do that... aren't you?

If homeschooling is freedom... what is freedom to you

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