Easy Spooky Spiders

So I've been blogging some of the things I'm crafting to decorate my sons Halloween/Birthday party. <His idea entirely!! He has been planning this for like a year...>

Here is another super duper easy Halloween decoration you can do to give some special extra spooky details to your spider webs! 

Everyone has probably used those neon green or white spider webs as decor but I decided to add a kick and make some little pipe cleaner spiders to stick in the webs! 

What you need:
-Pipe Cleaners

That's IT! :) 

1) Start by deciding what color(s) you would like your spiders to be and then set those pipe cleaners aside.

2) Cut ALL THREE pipe cleaners in half. Take two of the halves and cut them in half again... so you should have 4 short little pipe cleaners and on big half left.

3) Arrange the four short little pipe cleaners in a star-like pattern so that you have eight points sticking out.

4) Take the pipe cleaner half you have left and wrap it around the middle to make the spider's body and ALSO to secure the legs to each other.

5) Bend the little legs slightly to create creepy legs! :)


I then stuck mine in those cheap spider webs decorations. They made for an awesome addition to my son's birthday party decor!

If you make these and blog them! Post a link so we can see!!! 

Happy Crafting!! 

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